96% of kids and young adults between the age of 9 and 16 play videogames.

What is it that makes kids and young adults play?

How can you meet kids and young adults with interest in gaming?

How can we, as a community, meet this interest in gaming?

What is a social gaming arena?


Playwell answers these and many other questions through their lectures.

You can choose between these subjects:

  • Gaming psychology

  • Gamification

  • Social gaming

  • E-sport

  • Gamingculture among kids and young adults


Games create engagement, interest and motivation. But how can we use games as a tool to create a social value?

How can the monicipality, hospital and private bussinesses meet young adults that play? 

Playwell creates and delivers solutions for:

  • Physical exercise for gamers

  • Programming for gamers



Playwell has a long experience with streaming of lectures and e-sport competitions.

Dersom ditt arrangement trenger streaminghjelp kan vi bidra med følgende:


  • Planlegging og forberedelse av overlays, overganger o.l.

  • Gjennomføring av stream på dine kanaler samt kanaler som twitch, youtube, facebook o.l.

  • Post-production

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Fridays: 17.00 - 23.00

Weekends: open for reservations

Spill er et svært inkluderende medium med stort potensiale for integrering og relasjonsbygging mellom deltagere.

- Constandino Leiva, CEO

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