E-sport academy

Playwell E-sports academy is an offer for players who want to reach a new level and play with other like-minded people. The participants are put together in training groups with other dedicated athletes in the same game. Together they will be trained by experienced gamer Ola "Sjokoladen" Løyning in weekly trainings at Playwell Gaming Center.

The e-sports academy is divided into groups where the focus will be on the game Fortnite.

The courses held on Monday and Tuesday include gaming only.  

The course, which is held on Wednesday, includes alternating gaming at the Playwell Gaming Center and physical activity on land at the AdO Arena.

Our new offer is gaming club!

This is a low-threshold version of the e-sports academy. Here the focus will be on unity, cooperation and the importance of a good diet and sleep.

This year we offer physical training as an extra service for the participants in the "only gaming" courses (Monday and Tuesday groups) and gaming club (Thursday group).

This extra service is ordered and paid for at Spond or on the premises.


For registration, contact us through e-mail. We have continuous admissions until the courses are filled.

Do you have questions? Contact us at akademiet@playwell.no or phone 470 63 985.

We still have spots on:

- mondays 19-21

- tuesdays 17-19

- thursdays 17-19

Startup: monday, september 14th

Time: 19-21

This course only applies to gaming.

Game: Fortnite

Gaming mondays

Gaming tuesdays

Startup: tuesday,  september 15th

Time: 17-19

This course only covers gaming.

Game: Fortnite

Startup: tuesday, august 18th

Time: 19-21

This course only covers gaming.

Game: Fortnite

Gaming tuesdays

Gaming wednesdays

Startup: wednesday, august 19th

Time: 17-19 and 17-18

This course covers gaming and exercise at AdO arena.

Gaming wednesdays

Startup: wednesday, august 19th

Time: 19-21 and 18-19

This course covers gaming and exercise at AdO arena.


Startup: thursday, september 10th

Time: 17-19

This course only covers gaming.

Game: optional.

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Opening hours:

Fridays: 17.00 - 23.00

Weekends: open for reservations

Spill er et svært inkluderende medium med stort potensiale for integrering og relasjonsbygging mellom deltagere.

- Constandino Leiva, CEO

E-mail:  kontakt@playwell.no

Adress:  Lille Øvregaten 10, 5018 Bergen

Phone:  955 22 301