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The E-sport (competitive computer gaming) culture in Norway is in an early phase, and a lack of understanding of the youths interests, lead to lost opportunities to have a positive social impact on society.

Playwell creates an arena for gamers, their friends and their families. By using the new generations interests; E-sport and gaming, we want to be a part of building a sustainable gaming culture. 

What do we do in practice? We...

- Operate a gaming center where we have an E-sport academy, courses and private events.

- Deliver customized gaming events to you.

- Focus on delivering good content to you through straming and VOD (video on demand).

- Have our own stake in E-sport with competitive E-sport players.

CEO and Co-Founder.

Constandino has a masters degree in innovation and leadership. He is the founder of GG Bergen and BTS-esports and has gained extensive experience in social gaming.

Constandino Leiva
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Eivind is educated in network and system administration, and he is the technical guru of the house. Eivind's special field is streaming and technological infrastructure.

Eivind Nygård
Sjur Hovi
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CFO and Co-Founder.

Sjur has a masters degree in innovation and leadership with specialty in finance and gamification.

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Digital marketer

Tamara is our digital marketing guru. Today she is responsable for our website and our content on Facebook and Instagram.

Tamara Alonso
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